Let’s be honest…

Let’s be honest…

Chevaan Group Director_ TCMOL“Let’s be honest. We aren’t supposed to be doing this. We are supposed to be a media network. Our business is in news and entertainment. So what are we doing building roads & bridges, schools and reservoirs? The answer is simple: we refuse to be passive observers in the re-imagining and creation of Sri Lanka’s future. We want to be active participants in it. And the way we see it, we need to help our impoverished rural communities achieve a basic, acceptable standard of living in the least, before expecting them to dream audacious dreams. We believe that we are functioning within a decrepit, decaying system of governance and that the people are now empowered to demand a higher standard of their leadership. Here’s where our dreams intercept with the future. We need happy people and world-class leadership, if we are to reach out national potential. Maybe it will be a lot easier and perhaps even more profitable to focus on our core business. But that’s for the uninspired. The lethargic & unimaginative.

At News 1st, we want to help build a great nation. And we won’t stop, until we get it done.”

– Chevaan Daniel, Group Director, The Capital Maharaja Organization

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