Gammadda Village

Gammadda Village

Gammadda Village

Monthly visit to a village to discuss issues with government officials.

The Gammadda door-to-door program – an unprecedented nationwide public service initiative saw the young men and women of News1st walk the length and breadth of Sri Lanka many times over, from home to home. The journey was documented by the University of Peradeniya, into a comprehensive Report with findings and recommendations.

Following the Gammadda initiative, authorities were called to action, with multi-stakeholder meetings at Ministries, leading to undertakings to resolve urgent issues, local and international donors coming forward with proposals for development.

The UN identified the Capital Maharaja Organisation as the flag bearer of humanitarian work by the private sector in Sri Lanka, and in May 2016, the Capital Maharaja Organisation became the first Sri Lankan company to be invited to present a special statement at a major UN summit at the inaugural world humanitarian summit in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Gammadda final Report was also presented to UN Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Kang Kyung-wha.

Sri Lankans from different locations across the island, wrote to News1st, asking for assistance –for issues ranging from no clean drinking water, to broken roads, to no libraries in villages.